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Otom Consulting


This Business Unit offers the best outsourcing option, covering all customer needs since basic and operational positions until strategic positions that demands technical or management skills with strong responsibility charge.
We have capable resources, with a high level of specialization regarding business processes model and current technologies, experienced and high professionalism level.
Wide networking relation, that allow us fast recruiting process enabling resource mobilization in a few days.

Otom Consulting


This BU provides strategic support to develop new products and solutions based on market references and analysis.
Able to develops business and operational customer analysis with wide point of view, without internal conflicts or previous tendencies.
Support to startup new business and technologies.
Focus on process review, mapping opportunities to improve operational efficiency, team optimization and sizing, cost model review, scope of work with correct and clear goal setting.

Otom Consulting


Act near to the highest and important technology and regulation entities to offer specialized and strategic consulting in the field of telecommunications and information technology.
Allow us work with the most recent and significant developments and technological market threats.
Provide technical background and reference to capacity your operational and management layer.
Work to guide specification and approve solutions and services.
Otom is fully integrated with the newest in the use of technology and how the world market explores and applies this evolution in their business.

Otom Consulting


Segment that develops tasks entire engineering chain. Network planning, architecture, network design and network deployment.
Team with know how to perform operations and maintenance activities.
Network performance audit, configuration audit, optimization recommendation, redundancy and protection schemes tests to telecommunications and IT network.
Audit process and operational indicators reports (SLAs, KPIs, MTTR, NPS).
Provides all the necessary features to telecommunications and IT installations and maintenance.

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